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Our ingredients

All of our products are made with the most natural, sustainable ingredients we can buy. Most of our products consist of the same core ingredients, coconut oil, olive oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, and beeswax.


We use no artificial fragrances, only essential oils in all our soaps and body products.


Our products are colored with natural clays and foods such as french green clay, rose clay, spirulina powder, turmeric, and acai powder which not only add color but they also have their own properties.

All of the herbs used in our recipes are grown and harvested on our property then dried and either added directly or infused in olive oil.

We are committed to sustainable green packaging whenever possible, we believe in reuse, reduce and recycle. We practice these principles throughout our whole product process.

Our Candles

We use 100% soy wax in all of our candles with cotton wicks, this produces a long-lasting clean-burning candle.

The fragrances we use are a blend of fragrance and essential oils and all are phthalate-free. Our scents are not overpowering like some candles and they are designed to complement our other products. Since these are hand-poured by myself in a small workspace, I do my best to research the safest option possible, to give my customers a great smelling clean product.

Our mission is to bring our customers a product that is free of all synthetic ingredients without sacrifices. Every product we make I consider good for my family and I'm honored to share it with yours!

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