The Benefits of Breathing Salt

Breathing salt helps to relieve symptoms of






   While you sit and relax in our salt cave, a machine called a halo generator will grind salt into fine particles and disperse them into the air. Salt has natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and as you breath it deep into your lungs it cleans out mucus, pathogens and pollutants. Heavenly Salts invites you to visit and see for yourself all the benefits of breathing salt.

   We are dedicated to an all natural and healthy approach to caring for our bodies. You can also come in to check out our handmade soaps and other products in our store.

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    The term “halotherapy” was introduced by scientists of the Institute of Pulmonology in St. Petersburg, Russia, during the late 1980s. Driven by desire to make salt-mine therapy accessible to a wide range of people, Russian physicians and scientists developed a modern method that improves on the original method. Along the way, pioneering researchers learned many valuable facts about transforming a natural, yet difficult-to-access therapy.

    Early attempts to replicate the salt-mine environment above ground revealed a fundamental fact: though scientists could recreate the look and feel of natural salt caves by encasing the interior surfaces of rooms in numerous layers of salt, these lab-created facilities did not convey the benefits of the underground mines. Researchers soon realized that they would need a technological solution to saturate the air with salt in concentrations similar to those found in salt mines. This led to the development of the first dry salt aerosol generator, or halogenerator.

    Medical studies in Europe have proven that the benefits of halotherapy are accumulative. Many adults and children with asthma, allergies, cystic fibrosis, COPD and other respiratory conditions have found that Halotherapy sessions 2-3 times a week can help mange respiratory problems and reduce the intake of medications. 

    Regular halotherapy, combined with yoga practice or any other fitness routine, provides deep relaxation and stress relief, a balanced nervous system, and an improved sense of well being. Halotherapy keeps the lungs and the skin clean, boosts oxygen circulation, energizes the whole body, and enhances mental alertness.


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